Success Story

“We are very pleased with her success!”

Ms. Connie Brochu was admitted to Hallmark Healthcare after being hospitalized for a fall and lower extremity cellulitis. Upon arrival, Ms. Connie required more assistance to complete daily tasks, transfers, ambulation due to increased weakness, decreased standing balance, and a medical history of blindness.  She was treated by occupational therapy, physical therapy, and speech therapy to progress back to her prior level of function. 

During her time at Hallmark Healthcare, Ms. Brochu was able to increase her independence with dressing, toileting, transfers, and ambulation using a 2-wheeled walker.   At discharge, Ms. Connie required supervision to stand by assistance due to her blindness and unfamiliar setting.  She discharged home to her apartment with her grandson where she was independent prior to cellulitis. We are very pleased to have her at Hallmark Healthcare and will deeply miss her!